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Hoops Lessons basketball coaching recognizes the passion of game so we welcome everyone. We have a rule to train each aspirant whoever thinking of making a career in this field or passionate about it. We polish every player skills in an extensive way that helps them in developing their potential. From college students to teen players, we have the basketball training sessions for everyone. The trainers first judge the talent of each player and thus skilled those with needed training that will help in excelling the skillsets.

Trainers help the aspirants with the hands-on training. The professional trains you with the group, as well as, private training. We help you in understating the complete framework of the game. Along with the hands-on training, there are virtual lessons, who offered to the students. In virtual lesson, you will get various tips & techniques for playing basketball. Moreover, there is an additional video for support. WE ARE YOUR PARTNERS IN SUCCESS!!

Techniques By Professionals

Free Throw > Position > Target > Form > Release
Two Foot Jump Hop > Awareness > Angle > Timing > Finish > Balance
Step Back > Ball Security > Balance > Positioning > Footwork
Rocker Step > Ball Position > Footwork > Balance > Reading the Defense > Reaction

One Player Trial Lesson @ $80 (Saving $10)

Two Player Trial Lesson @ $140 (Saving $40)

Four Player Trial Lesson @ $200 (Saving $160)

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Professionals Will Upgrade Your Basketball Skills In Camps & Clinics, So Book Your Seats Fast..

Professional Basketball Training

Basic to expert level basketball training lessons that will forever change your life

  • Want to be the most feared shooter in your basketball team?
  • Want to develop ball handling skills you never EVER thought COULD have been possible?
  • Want to increase the hang time with the vertical jump frenzy routines?
  • Want to be the coach’s most liked player?

Hoops training lessons as well as camps in Houston have been designed for every kind of player – from a teenager trying hard to make their school team proud, to young boys determined to make a career in this field.

What is different in this website from all the others is that you will not just get several very helpful training lessons via camps or online to enhance your basketball game; however you can also brush up the skills through getting personal training from some experienced coaches, who will strongly help in changing your life.

We have amalgamated all of our knowledge from many years of experience into one place and are providing it to the avid basketball players for their bright future. 

Hoops main aim is to make basketball players connect with each other and know that there is a support system behind them at whatever stage of their career.


I drive my son from the Woodlands every Saturday to learn from Mario and Brandon. The kids are learning as they play in real game situations.

Bill Prior Bill Prior

I cannot believe that Mario and Brandon are actually on the floor teaching together. That is a tremendous amount of knowledge at one given time.

Kevin Kevin

When I played for the Rockets my kids loved working with Brandon.

Metta World Peace Metta World Peace