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The Basketball Training From Our Experts

Young basketball players like to become skilled in the game, as they are familiar with the fact that basketball is more enjoyable when played with skill, mind and passion. Parents want their kids to get hold of a good instruction program in handling of the ball and basketball basics, as they know that habits developed when young last for a lifetime. At hoopslessons, we want all players to play hard, smart and grow in the game.

Hoops basketball training provides a chance to enjoy yourself and improve your skills in a safe, planned, enjoyable learning atmosphere. The instruction programs given by experienced trainers are meant for all kinds of people, regardless of their previous experience, skill level or athletic development. Every player gets personal training in the basics of basketball and has ample chances to hone their skills through game play situations. Hoop School is a lot more than a basketball camp: our training program also develops body awareness as well as control, hand-eye skill, dexterity, patience and the self-confidence that originates from mastering a tough new skill.

So, are you interested in developing a competitive edge? Hoops can come to you anywhere in Houston! Our trainers are able to offer personal, group, or team training or plan a mini-camp or clinic for your program and/or group of people, customized to your requirements and finances. Get in touch with us today for charges as well as the availability! We host a few of the most intense and instructive Skills Camps as well as Clinics, all through Houston.

Techniques Taught

One Player Trial Lesson @ $80 (Saving $10)

Two Player Trial Lesson @ $140 (Saving $40)

Four Player Trial Lesson @ $200 (Saving $160)


I drive my son from the Woodlands every Saturday to learn from Mario and Brandon. The kids are learning as they play in real game situations.

Bill Prior Bill Prior

I cannot believe that Mario and Brandon are actually on the floor teaching together. That is a tremendous amount of knowledge at one given time.

Kevin Kevin

When I played for the Rockets my kids loved working with Brandon.

Metta World Peace Metta World Peace