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Virtual Coaching

Hoops Lessons is excited to announce a new approach in basketball coaching called Virtual Coaching. Virtual Coaching allows you to submit videos of yourself (or your child) performing various basketball techniques and have our coaches review those videos and show you how improve those techniques.

Each session is a lesson that is tailored to enhance the fundamental skill of each student. All facets of the game will be taught with an emphasis on each player’s Attitude, Physical Attributes, Ball Skills, Offense, Rebounding, Defense, and Knowledge. At the end of the 1st lesson all students will receive a HOOPS LESSONS Player Evaluation Form.

How does it work?

There are two main steps: Purchasing the lesson and submitting the videos. The purchase process is very simple:

  • Click on the price button corresponding to the virtual lesson you want to purchase the more lessons you purchase, the more you save per lesson.
  • Next, you will be asked to fill out a waiver form.
  • Then you will be asked to select which lesson(s) you want to take. You can take the same lessons as many times as you want, or choose a mixture of different lessons as desired. See below for the types of lessons we offer.
  • After filling out your waiver form, and your lesson(s), you will then make your payment online with your credit card.
  • Then you will get an email with instructions on how to submit your video(s) as you complete them.

After you have purchased your lesson, then you will need to start making videos of yourself (or your child) performing the basketball technique of the lesson you have chosen. There is a limit of 3 minutes per video. As you have complete each video, you will then submit the video to Hoops Lessons. Our coaches will evaluate the video and send it back to you depending on which type of virtual coaching you have chosen.

Types of Virtual Coaching

We offer two types of virtual coaching: Email and Live

  • Email: As you submit each video to us, we will evaluate your technique by telestrating the video with a voice over. When we complete the video telestrate, we will email you a link to watch your video and listen to our coaches point out how you can improve your techniques.
  • Live: The initial process is the same as the email process described as above. The only difference is instead of us sending you a link, we will send you an email letting you know that were ready to review the video with you. At that point, you will need to make an appointment on our scheduler on On the day & time of our appointment, we will set up a live online session over the internet. You will be able to interact with us, live, through the internet as we review the video. You will need to have a computer, high speed internet connection, speakers and a microphone in order to watch the video and communicate with us during the live session.

What is Telestrate?

Telestrate is the ability to "draw" on the video areas that we want you to focus your attention on. It is a great way for us to point out areas in your technique that needs improvement so you can become a better basketball player. When we get your video, we will telestrate your video while doing a voice-over so you can see what we see and learn where you can improve.

Our Lessons

We offer 15 lessons that focuses on the following techniques:

  • Free Throw: Position, Target, Form and Release
  • Lay-Up: Form, Angle, Balance and Footwork
  • Two Foot Jump Hop: Awareness, Angle, Timing, Finish and Balance
  • Stop & Pop: Footwork, Momentum, Balance and Finish
  • Drop Step: Ball Security, Balance, Positioning, Footwork and Finish
  • Step Back: Timing, Balance, Finish and Reading the Defense
  • Defense: Position Readiness, Anticipation, Footwork, Use of Hands and Reaction
  • Rocker Step: Ball Position, Footwork, Balance, Reading the Defense and Reaction
  • Catch & Shoot: Footwork, Set-Up, Receiving the Ball and Finish
  • Passing: Hand Position, Ball Position, Set-Up, Delivery and Receiving
  • Cross-Over Dribble: Hand-Eye, Court Vision, Hand Position, Timing and Body Position
  • Between Leg Dribble: Leg Position, Court Vision, Hand Placement and Awareness
  • Behind the Back Dribble: Hand Placement, Delivery, Set-Up and Body Position
  • Speed Dribble: Ball Positioning, Pace, Hand Placement, Balance and Awareness
  • Power Dribble: Situation Reasoning, Balance, Footwork, Reading the Defense and Reaction


I drive my son from the Woodlands every Saturday to learn from Mario and Brandon. The kids are learning as they play in real game situations.

Bill Prior Bill Prior

I cannot believe that Mario and Brandon are actually on the floor teaching together. That is a tremendous amount of knowledge at one given time.

Kevin Kevin

When I played for the Rockets my kids loved working with Brandon.

Metta World Peace Metta World Peace